About us

DMR delivers leading-edge solutions to automate traditionally manual processes. Based in Leeds (UK), the company has developed unrivalled technology, expertise, and supporting services to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and improve the way organisations operate. With over a decade of excellence, DMR continues to expand their solutions, technical partners, and the customers and sectors they support.

The mission

Automate traditionally manual processes

Break down barriers to automation

Consistently deliver accurate, reliable and affordable solutions

Continuous customer-led innovation

The idea

Originally focused on EDI technology and the value that could offer, DMR’s founders quickly learned that total EDI adoption was impractical.

With that known, the essential need to automate documents arriving via email and post had to be addressed. Taking existing expertise, they turned their attention to the various challenges associated with turning documents to data.

The first

In 2009, as attention shifted from EDI to Docs-to-data, founders were approached by a leading European freight forwarder. The forwarder had identified inefficiencies in their document processing that traditional solutions couldn’t solve – maybe DMR could. This happenstance pivot into the Freight & Logistics sector would be a defining moment in the DMR story. It became clear that the sheer volume, complexity, and critical nature of these documents would offer DMR the perfect opportunity to innovate, add value, and optimise their offering.

Through this initial success they asked; Who else can we help? How else can we help? Some 50 customers and several solutions later, those two questions continue to be answered.

The solutions

As existing solutions in the marketplace focused heavily on templating with a long and costly set-up, DMR saw the opportunity to innovate with a fully managed service optimised for Freight Forwarders.

Combining leading-edge technology with human intelligence, DMR began working on solutions that would bring down traditional barriers to automation and comprehensively remove historically manual processes. In 2010 DMR brought to market an accurate, reliable, and affordable portfolio that successfully delivered Zero-Cost Start Up and Every Document From Day-1.

The approach

DMR are renowned for their Accounts Payable Automation, effortlessly turning documents to data and, with many powerful integrations, intelligently matching data to its destination, completely removing the need for data entry and drastically reducing manual management. With this same value-adding formula, DMR expanded into accounts receivable automation, purchase order automation, automatic proof of delivery document processing, document archiving and filing. Technology lays the foundation, with world-class support and human intelligence completing each solution.

The integrators

Technology partners are critical to DMR’s mission. Collaborating with the world’s most innovative system developers, DMR enhances the market leading solutions with best-in-class document automation to maximise value to mutual customers.

Powerful integrations, repeatedly enhanced and adapted, supported by industry and technology experts. Well known technology partners include Mutlifreight, ForwardOffice, CargoWise by WiseTech, Sage, ECI Horizon, ECI Progress, Salesforce, IFS, and SAP. Fortunately, DMR’s bi-directional API enables fast integration with many systems not listed.

The future

DMR remains a privately owned enterprise, evolving their solutions whilst remaining staunchly customer centric. DMR maintain an acute awareness of customer needs to guide future developments and continuously challenge themselves to innovate further and better.

If you think DMR could help your business increase efficiency, reduce cost, and automate manual processes, get in touch! Our consultants are readily available to deliver a concise online presentation of the technology and service, pass on industry insights, and discuss your challenges, requirements, and opportunities to automate.

Accounts Payable Invoice Automation

Rapid set-up, 100% coverage & no start-up costs. A managed service as standard.