Document Processing

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A proven solution for end-to-end Accounts Payable Automation. Proudly supporting 70 customers following 11 years of client-centric development. First choice Accounts Payable Invoice Automation for CargoWise, Forward Office, Shipping Center, and Multifreight.

Automation made easy

Rapid set-up, 100% coverage & no start-up costs. A managed service as standard.

Reduce cost and increase efficiency with automated document processing

Fully automated allocation with multi reference matching

Redeploy resource and focus on value adding activities
Improved customer experience with enhanced management
Remove human error and increase accuracy
Effortlessly scale processing capacity

DMR Highlights

100% Data Extraction Guaranteed

100% Document Coverage in 1 Hour

Automatic Invoice Line Item to Job Matching

No-Touch End-to-End Processing

Automate Operator Allocation & Alerts

Full Import to Payables Transactions

Full control via DMR Workflow

A Managed Service as Standard

Rapid installation and no setup costs

No fixed-term contracts or minimum usage requirements

Charged on a pay-as-you-go basis

Offering a no-obligation Free Trial

How it works

Auto forward or scan directly to DMR

100% Data Extraction; review and validation as-a-service

Invoice line item to job matching. Automatic multi-reference matching

Automated Operator allocation, alerts, and reminders

Automated “Charge vs Accrual” notifications

Full control via DMR Workflow

Continuous updates and re-matching

Complete Import. Accruals down dated and eDocs upload

Our integrations

Powerful integrations with established expertise

DMR collaborates with the world’s most innovative system developers to enhance their market leading solutions with best-in-class document automation. Powerful integrations are supported by technology experts to deliver maximum value to mutual customers.

Well known technology partners include Multifreight, ForwardOffice, CargoWise by WiseTech, Sage, ECI Horizon, ECI Progress, Salesforce, IFS, and SAP. For increased accessibility, DMR’s bi-directional API enables easy integration with many systems not listed.

Accounts Payable Invoice Automation

Rapid set-up, 100% coverage & no start-up costs. A managed service as standard.