Document Processing

Accurate • Reliable • Affordable

Market leading technology for accurate data entry and intelligent matching, a managed service as standard. Leading-edge solutions with over a decade of excellence.

Documents to data made easy

Rapid set-up, zero templates & no start-up costs. A managed service as standard.

Reduce cost and increase efficiency with automated document processing
Fully automate allocation with multi reference matching
Redeploy resource and focus on value adding activities
Improved customer experience with enhanced management
Remove human error and increase accuracy
Effortlessly scale processing capacity

Key technical features

Dynamic invoice allocation to multiple charge-lines and jobs

Maintain existing processes, enhanced by DMR Workflow

Flexible multi reference matching engine for enhanced automation

Zero templates, no start-up cost, immediate value

Optimised for Freight Forwarders with unrivalled intelligence

A fully managed service as standard

No document left behind, from day one

How it works

Send emails via auto forwarding

Scan hard documents directly

Automated extraction and matching

Email alerts to drive action

Supported formats: PDF, TIF, JPG & XML, EDI & Images

Manage Exceptions via DMR Workflow

Data uploaded to your TMS

Unlimited support throughout

Our integrations

Powerful integrations with established expertise

DMR collaborates with the world’s most innovative system developers to enhance their market leading solutions with best-in-class document automation. Powerful integrations are supported by technology experts to deliver maximum value to mutual customers.

Well known technology partners include Multifreight, ForwardOffice, CargoWise by WiseTech, Sage, ECI Horizon, ECI Progress, Salesforce, IFS, and SAP. For increased accessibility, DMR’s bi-directional API enables easy integration with many systems not listed.

Automated Document Processing

Rapid set-up, zero templates & no start-up costs. A managed service as standard. Explore your opportunities to automate with DMR.