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Are you sure there's no templating? Every document from day-1?

After 10 years of excellence DMR’s insights and experience enable us to provide immediate delivery without templating or other delays. Our technology has been exposed to millions of documents from thousands of different sources. We process any document in any layout, using the best technology coupled with human intelligence to accurately extract data from any document, and intelligently match data to its destination, transfer supporting pages, and automatically process every document from day one.

How long does a Managed Roll-Out take?

DMR deployments reach completion in a matter of days. Focusing on four key stages; (1) DMR activation (2) Initial document submission (3) Basic user training (4) Scaling the service. Within a few hours our experienced technicians connect DMR to your system, activate the service, and enable immediate processing. After, we deliver concise user training and quickly scale the service to ensure complete coverage and full automation. DMR’s unique solution ensures all documents can be processed from day one. Full training and support is available throughout deployment and for the duration of the partnership.

Process automation is normally expensive, what are the start-up costs?

DMR focuses on removing the barriers to automation. There are no start-up costs, just a pay-as-you go service that reflects your usage to guarantee immediate value for money. However, we understand that the most significant set-up costs are your time and focus. To minimize this our support team delivers a fully managed onboarding service and, where you are needed, provides world-class support every step of the way.

What is a "Multi-reference Matching Engine"?

Data Extraction is only part of the solution, with robust Data Matching equally critical to delivering maximum business value. DMR’s intelligent Multi-Reference Matching Engine is optimized for the freight and logistics sector to acknowledge every document indicator. Documents become data, and data finds its destination. We know that supplier invoices don’t always quote a shipment or consol number, we use other references, including but not limited to: container numbers, airways bills, bill of lading, truck number, and purchase order reference.

Is "Dynamic Invoice Allocation" as complicated as it sounds?

DMR extracts, matches, and we keep on matching. Dynamic Invoice Allocation ensures one invoice, where applicable, can match to multiple Jobs. For example, an Invoice Transaction is created in your TMS, and ALL associated job allocations are automatically taken care of. It’s simple, really.

Which systems does DMR work with?

DMR provides out-of-the-box integrations with many leading systems. Well known technology partners include CargoWise, Multifreight, Forward Office, Shipping Centre (Extra), Sales Force, ECI Horizon, Progress, and Sage. Our bi-directional API enables fast integration with many systems not listed and we’re always open to new and exciting technology partners.

How is DMR optimised for the freight and logistics sector?

DMR has a wealth of experience dealing with invoices and documents unique to the freight and logistics sector across all modes of transport. Shipping lines’, air freight (including CASS), road haulage providers’, parcel delivery companies’ and local independent couriers’ documents can be easily automated for suppliers anywhere in the world. DMR’s technology accommodates differing currency between invoice and quote as well as recognising different charge types. We make sure your matched documents are visible in your TMS where you need them. The DMR Workflow allows you to manage invoices by supplier, operator and branch. Built in reporting highlights bottlenecks and efficiencies, the workflow has easy to use drill down functionality and a full audit trail for each document.

Accounts Payable Invoice Automation

Rapid set-up, 100% coverage & no start-up costs. A managed service as standard.