Beyond Data Extraction

Efficient data extraction is an essential component of robust document processing. DMR delivers market-leading data extraction to reduce cost, increase efficiency and enable teams to focus on high-impact activities.


However, data extraction is only part of the solution. Perhaps even more importantly, DMR also automates document matching, management, and notifications via powerful integrations.


DMR provides complete workflow solutions, ensuring maximum automation, minimal input and maximum business value.


The table below looks beyond data extraction, drawing attention to the full document flow and the additional opportunities to automate with DMR:


Document Processing Traditional Outsourced Semi-Automated DMR
Receive Internal
Review Internal
Extract Internal
Review Internal Internal
Cross Reference Internal Internal Internal
Match Internal Internal Internal
Exceptions Internal Internal Internal Internal
Notify Internal Internal Internal
Import Internal Internal Internal


DMR provide one solution for all invoices, configurable for access by multiple users across your business. You have visibility of your data and can manage the balance of interdepartmental responsibility. Documents can flow without friction to their final destination.


See how DMR can help you increase efficiency, reduce cost, and automate manual processes. Our consultants are readily available to deliver a concise online presentation, discuss your requirements, and explore your automation strategy.

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