Breaking Down Barriers to Automation

Automated document processing is nothing new, yet 90% of all documents are still processed manually. As no organisation willingly choses sub optimal approach, traditional barriers to automation must be held responsible for these widespread inefficiencies. For over 10 years, DMR has developed market-leading solutions with a close eye on the barriers that make automation and innovation inaccessible. In this article we unpack and evaluate exactly how DMR is Breaking Down Barriers to Automation.


Financial Investment – Set up costs are problematic. They delay the return on investment, reduces overall value, increase the risk, requires greater consideration and approvals, and asks you to trust an unproven solution for an undetermined benefit. DMR does not charge a set up fee and delivers a comprehensive free trial to establiish full confidence in the solution. When you chose DMR, there are no; contracts, minimum usage requirements, or hidden costs.


Time Investment – With many priorities and projects, it’s critical a solution maximises value and minimizes your input. DMR understand that the most significant set-up costs are your time and focus. Our support team deliver a fully managed onboarding service and, where you are needed, provides world-class support every step of the way.


Partial Solutions – Document processing comprises many stages. While partial automation is helpful, the people and processes are retained to complete what remains. As a result, some manual processing costs are ongoing and maximum efficiency isn’t achieved. Gaining approval for a partial solution can be challenging when the business benefit isn’t clear cut. Alternatively, DMR deliver full-flow document processing, every format, every language, every supplier, any variation. Every document from day one. DMR’s market-leading technology, automating each layer of processing, is complemented by a world-class managed service for complete solutions. Comprehensive coverage for a comple business case.


Generalistic Solutions – Requirements differ greatly between sector and organisation, generic solutions are ineffective, and no sector is more complex and varied than Freight & Logistics. DMR has optimised for 10 years and been exposed to millions of documents from thousands of sources. DMR accommodates every variant, mode of transport, supplier, location, language, and currency, and powerfully integrates with the right systems to optimise further. During an attentive set-up process, business specific customisation is available to maximise value, increase ease of use, and streamline processing.


Running Costs – High ongoing costs reduce value and block automation. We don’t require a contract or charge “maintenance fees”, and won’t invoice you for change requests or enhancements. DMR deliver a fully managed service as standard, with every solution paid for in single cost based on usage.


Supplier Impact – Altering internal processes is challenging, forcing external change can be impossible. With DMR your suppliers operate as normal while benefiting from your increased efficiency and enhanced operations.


Process Impact – Initiating, managing, and completing change can offset the value proposed by a given solution. By minimising change-management, DMR ensures automation is even more accessible. DMR embeds itself within existing processes, enhancing them with DMR workflow and world-class support.


Inadequate Support – Organisations must focus on their core business operations stay ahead. Inadequate support demands your time and focus to implement, manage, and resolve issues, ultimately reducing the overall value of a solution. DMR provides a managed service as standard with world-class support, enabling you further to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and focus on high impact activities that matter most to your business.


See how DMR can help you increase efficiency, reduce cost, and automate manual processes. Our consultants are readily available to deliver a concise online presentation, discuss your requirements, and explore your automation strategy.

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